Join Second Canvas

Join Second Canvas

Join Second Canvas by partnering with Madpixel. Choose the license that best suits your needs. With paid apps or if you want to have in-app purchasing, there's a revenue sharing model available.
Upload your content

Upload your content

Upload and define your images, text, audioguides, links, videos, Twitter feed etc. Also create your stories within the gigapixel images, set up your treasure hunts, social conversations, etc. Everything is online, through our cloud platform.
Publish your Second Canvas apps

Publish your Second Canvas apps

Then we create a Second Canvas app for you, with your content and a personalized logo, home screen images, splash screen and icon app. Once the app is published, you will be able to manage its content from Second Canvas Studio.

Ultra-HD gigapixel images

to discover hidden details.

X-ray, IR, and UV vision

to see the sketch under the paint.

Amazing stories

detail by detail, told by the museum.

TV/projector connection

for a powerful new experience at school and at home.

Collections, temporary and digital exhibits

featuring artwork specially grouped by the museum: portraits, landscapes with flowers, or even art containing moustaches.

Enriched art cards

including related artwork, audioguide and sign-language guide.

Social tools

to share what you discover on Facebook, Twitter and via email.

Play & Learn gamification using “treasure hunts”

Match the color of a certain robe or draw and discover a hidden character, and get the treasure of the stories behind the clues. And receive your “diploma”.

All the content managed by the museum

via Second Canvas Studio (cloud platform).

Other features

  • Immediate content updates via SC Studio (no need to re-upload the app to the App Store).
  • iOS7 notifications for content updates.
  • Social conversations, using hashtags for featured pieces of art.
  • Museum information, including hours, tickets, directions and other useful data.
  • In-app purchases.
  • App available in many languages, also including Kanji, Arabic, and other right to left languages.
  • iPad and iPhone app available. Android tablet and smartphone apps coming soon.